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F for Facebook…A for Apple

Know Your Alphabet

F is for….

F for what and A for what? Alright, I could not resist. I anticipated correctly that the Facebook IPO release would be a failure. Why do I think that? Because! Just think about it, the FB model is to sell advertising. Advertising on FB is doomed for failure. Yeah I have a FB account…only because my wife and son forced me into it. I am trying desperately to introduce myself through FB through my photography. Thus far its been a big fn dud! Yeah, I have a couple oh hundred friends. My son got almost all of the for me. I see all the click advertising on the right. I haven’t clicked once, nor do I have a desire to do so. I see ads for an Alaskan Cruise and Boston Celtic attire. There is no way I am clicking…there is no way that most of you are clicking. GM and other big advertisers have already bailed. They bailed on the eve of the IPO release. Smart move. Dumb asses on Wall Street created a bunch of hype. What they created was mass foolery. They faked people into thinking that FB is the next Google. Well it’s not. FB will die just like My Space and we will all be looking for the next social bug.

A is for….

Apple on the other hand is doing well. I have no iPhone but I have an iPad and iPod. They make me happy. The stock is good and solid and it does not show me drama like my daughters FB page. I went to the fair not long ago equipped with only my iPod…no DSLR, no point and shoot…just my simple iPod loaded with crazy photo apps. I grew up in the 60s and 70s and remember the old instamatic camera, Polaroid, the 110, the 126, etc. iTunes has all my childhood memories  from free to $1.99.  For $1.99 I purchased my Hipstamatic and a variety of films. It also comes with a few lenses. There is the John S, lens, the Jimmy, and Kaimal Mark II lenses that come standard. You can purchase others too. I purchased all  the films: Blanko, Ina’s 1969, Kodot Verichrome, Blackeys B+W, Blackeys Super Grain and a few others. Off I went to the fair to take a few snaps with my trusty iPod at the Puyallup Fair:


Weight Restriction

Baby on Board


Wax on Wax off

I didn’t do it

Coke Meets Hardrock

Batman Jr.

Dippitty Doo

My Finger Got in the Way

Cotton Candy Man

Cotton Candy Lady


Hammer Down


What you looking at?


Step Right Up


Go west my young man….


Flower Child



Look Up


Baby Boots

Taking it in…

The Wheel

A Dream You Had

Hoop Shots

Coaster, et. al.

Space Oddysey

Ying and Yang



Kentucky Derby

Brokeback Mountain





So, how do we end this…Use what works…have fun doing it…blurry is OK…iPod today…something else tomorrow…Facebook dies…Apple lives…Get rid of the hoodie Zuckerberg…Ok, you finish it the way you want…




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One thought on “F for Facebook…A for Apple

  1. Loved this Uncle Pete. You truly are an inspiration! — KB

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