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Photographing Street Performers

Just your average day…

We have all have seen niffty images of street performers. Seattle is an excellent place to see some of the best performers in action. The City of Seattle regulates street performers. You are free to perform so long as you have a permit. Given this, I believe it provides for an orderly and fair system. It weeds out bad actors and provides a safe place to visitors. If you want to shoot street performers, Pikes Place Market is no doubt the place to go!

In previous blog entries, I have expressed on more than one occasion that the equipment does not matter when you are expressing yourself through street photography. More and more I am seeing folks walk around with an iPad mostly shooting movies. Most folks now that one of the downsides to the iPad and iPod is that photo resolution down right SUCKS! Does this mean you still can’t have fun with iy…no! It just means that you can’t blow up billboard size images. My iPad and I presume all iPads come loaded with the app Photo Booth. If you have an iPad and have used it you know that you are in for some of the most hilarious moments of your life. This app unfortunately is not available on the iPhone or iPod. I wish it was.

So, yesterday, I set out on a journey with iPad in tow to focus solely on taking images of street performers. I have taken 100s of street performer images but, after a while they all look the same…yep that guy singing with his guitar and his mouth wide open…sure its expressive but whether you’re in London, Boston or Seattle, they all look the same! So, how can you make it different? How can your images stand out? How can you make these performers look like real super stars? Simple…use your iPad…I hope you like them!

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